Drayton Fair 2018 -

Councillor Message

As your elected representative to Wellington County Council, I bring you greetings and welcome you to the 161 Drayton Fair.  Mapleton Township has so many exciting events throughout the year and the Drayton Fair is certainly one of them.  Traditions, such as the Fair, only exist because of the volunteers, financial support and involvement from residents of the community.  It is sad to see traditions come to an end, such as the Fergus Truck Show, because of a lack of support.  Let’s keep this tradition going for many more years by volunteering and supporting our local events.  This year, the theme is Canada 150.  I am a proud Canadian and proud to be a resident of Mapleton Township.  I would like to wish all the participants good luck in the many competitions and exhibits.  Please take a stroll and enjoy all the sights and sounds that only the Fair can deliver.  Happy 161st Drayton Fair!

Councillor Gregg Davidson
Wellington County Council


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