Drayton Fair 2017 -


Director Helen Moffat 519-638-2493, Jean Brodhaecker 519-638-2291, Ann Whale, Donna Schieck, Connie Walker & Rachel Brodhaecker
Entries will be accepted Thursday August 4 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm & Friday August 5 8:30 am -11:00 am. 
Removal time is 3:30 PM Sunday August 7 

RULES: ALL QUILTS HAND QUILTED AND MACHINE QUILTED MUST HAVE A PERIMETER MEASUREMENT OF AT LEAST 324” (823 cm) FOR ALL CATEGORIES TO BE JUDGED FOR GRAND CHAMPION AND RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION, UNLESS STATED. All articles must be made and owned by the exhibitor. All articles shown for the previous two years are not eligible for a prize. All old, defaced or soiled work will be discarded in favour of up-to-date work. 

Please use safety pins, not straight pins for attaching entry tags. 
PRIZES:   1st $8.00, 2nd $5.00, 3rd $4.00
1. Quilt, cotton, hand quilted. Perimeter at least 324” (823cm).
2. Quilt using two colours only, hand quilted. Perimeter at least 324” (823cm).
3. Quilt, exhibitor’s choice, hand quilted. Perimeter at least 324” (823cm).
4.  “Scrappy” Quilt, machine quilted. Perimeter at least 324” (823cm).
5. Quilt, log cabin pattern, machine quilted. Perimeter at least 324” (823cm).
6. Quilt, exhibitor’s choice, machine quilted. Perimeter at least 324” (823cm).
Grand Champion Quilt – Hand Quilted - Prize $15.00
Reserve Grand Champion Quilt – Hand Quilted - Prize $10.00
Grand Champion Quilt – Machine Quilted - Prize $15.00
Reserve Grand Champion Quilt – Machine Quilted - Prize $10.00
7. Duet Quilt, pieced, embroidered or appliquéd, top and binding done by one exhibitor and quilted by another party, top and binding to be judged only. Hand quilted.
8. Duet Quilt, pieced, embroidered or appliquéd, top and binding done by one exhibitor and quilted by another party, top and binding to be judged only. Machine quilted.
9. “Quilt as you go”, minimum size 36” x 40” (91.5 cm x 101.5cm), can be larger.
10. Sample quilt block, pieced, embroidered, or appliquéd must be 12.5 inches x 12.5 inches (32cm) mounted and named.
11. Quilt top only (not quilted)
12. Quilt or comforter, tied.
13. An old quilt, made prior to 1950, quilted, not necessarily to be work         of the exhibitor. Attach a story to the quilt if available.
14. Machine quilted wall hanging, ready to hang, not less than 
      18” square (45 cm).
15. Crib quilt, child’s nursery design, (pre-printed fabric), hand quilted.
16. Youth Design Quilt, suitable for a single bed under 324” perimeter           (823 cm).

     Prizes 1st:$10.00   2nd $3.00  3rd $2.00
     Lap quilt for youth (must be bright and cheerful) minimum size 36”          x 40” (91.5 cm x 101.5cm), maximum size 45” x 60” 
     (112cm x 150cm).  

18. DEBBIE OXBY SPECIAL: Prizes 1 $8.00  2 $5.00  3 $2.00
        a.Crib Quilt, hand quilted, approximately 45”X 54” 
           (114.5cm x 137cm).
        b.Crib Quilt, machine quilted, approximately 45 “X 54” 
           (114.5cm x 137cm).

19. Quilt Class Special - Sponsored by Peggy Nagle, Elora Ontario.
       Prize: An Edge to Edge Quilting design up to Queen Size.
       To a New Exhibitor with the most points in sections 1-16
PRIZES: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00
20. Afghan, knit, Minimum 45” X 60” (112cm x 150cm) or larger.
21. Afghan, crochet, minimum 45” x 60” (112cm x 150cm) or larger.
22. Afghan, made from squares or strips   - knit or crochet.
23. Lap Afghan, not more than 3’ x 4’ (90cm x 120cm).
24. Cushion, knit or crochet.
25. Cushion, practical, washable fabric.
26. Cushion, using panel, hand or machine quilted.
27. Cushion for a child’s room.
28. Scatter rug, any method.
29. Any article of counted cross stitch, not a picture, eg. pillow, finger           towel.
30. Hand quilted wall hanging, ready to hang.
31. Crochet doily, not more than 12” (30.5cm), mounted.
32. Crochet doily, more than 15” (38cm), mounted.
33. Any article using “Thanksgiving Theme”.
34. Candle mat, not bigger than 8” (20cm) across, hand or 
      machine quilted.
PRIZES: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00
35.  Decorated lamp shade.
36.  Casserole carrier.
37. 2 pot holders, practical, different designs.
38. 2 pot holders, decorative, different designs.
39. Article made from terry towel and 1 knitted dish cloth.
40. Two place mats - crochet or knitted any theme.
41. Two place mats, quilted, any theme.
42. Table centerpiece, depicting theme of the fair.
43. Table runner, any theme, hand or machine quilted.
PRIZES: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00
44. Bib style apron, men’s or ladies’.
45. Apron, any style, men’s or ladies’, depict theme of the fair.
46. Half apron.
47. Receiving blanket.
48. Child’s bib.
49. Cape, sewn.
50. Any nightwear or boxer shorts.
51. Something useful from something useless (fabric only).
52. Something useful from something useless 
(made from anything except fabric).
53. Article of clothing made from fleece.
54. Any smocked finished article.
55. Decorated sweatshirt- decoration only to count.
56. Child’s apron.
57. Child’s dress.
58. Any other excellent piece of work.
PRIZES: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $.2.00
59. Ladies’ sweater.
60. Knitted baby dress.
61. Sweater, pullover, adult.
62. Scarf, knit from specialty yarn. Eg. Boa, eyelash.
63. Sweater, adult or child, short sleeve or shell.
64. Infinity scarf, knit
65. Mitts, one pair, any style.
66. Poncho or prayer shawl.
67. Socks, one pair.
68. Hat, toque or cowl.
69. Baby shawl or carriage cover.
70. Baby outfit, two pieces (sweater and hat), newborn to one year displayed in a box.
71. Child’s sweater or cardigan.
72. Slippers, adult or youth, plain or decorated.
73. Any other knitted article.
PRIZES: 1st $4.00, 2nd  $3.00, 3rd $2.00
74. Baby sweater, 6-18 months size.
75. Baby shawl or carriage cover.
76. Prayer shawl, at least 54”.
77. Crochet poncho or shawl.
78. Any other crochet item.
SENIOR CITIZENS (60 PLUS): No entry fee required if exhibitor is ONLY entering in Class FF Sections 79-85.
PRIZES:  1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00
79. Knit article, e.g. adult sweater, shawl, large doily etc.
80. Knit article, e.g. mitts, socks, hat, dishcloth, hand towel etc.
81. Crochet item.
82. Article of woodworking.
83. Scrapbooking page, theme “Remembrance Day”, at least three pictures, mounted.
84. Any article depicting theme of the fair.
85. Article from men’s or women’s favourite hobby, not listed above.
PRIZES: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00
86. Any article handmade for your pet.
87. Stuffed animal, suitable for a child’s room, any material.
88. Stuffed bear, any medium, any size.
89. Article made from plastic canvas over 5 “.
90. Decoration for a bathroom.
91. Counted cross stitch picture, under 15” not including mat and frame.       Ready to hang
92. Homemade pincushion.
93. Decoration for an office.
94. Harvest decoration, homemade.
95. Memory   book page, scrapbooking, theme “Spring” at least 3                 pictures.
96. Memory book page, scrapbooking page,” Halloween”, at least 3                 pictures.
97. An article of homemade jewelry.
98. Any article of hand embroidery.
99. Yard or garden decoration.
100. Any article of bead work.
101. Decoration for a “Child’s Birthday”.
102. Decorated flower pot or jar - not Christmas theme.
103. 3 handmade articles, different techniques, for a bazaar displayed in         a box or container.
104. Handmade tote bag.
105. Penmanship. On a 8 ½” x 11”(21.5cm x 28cm) paper, 
NO PRINTING, use this verse:

The County Fair
Oh, let’s go out to the county fair
And breathe the balmy country air,
And whittle a stick and look at the hosses,
Discuss the farmer’s profit and losses
We’ll take a look at the country stock
And drink some milk from a dairy crock
Look at the pigs and admire the chickens,
And try to forget it’s hot as the dickens.
Forget there are any political rings
Just think of the butter and eggs and things:
So wash off the buggy and hitch up the mare,
And we’ll all go out to the county fair.
106.  Article made of wood, decorative.
107.  Woodworking article, may be a wooden pallet creation.
108.  Welcome door decoration, not a wreath.
109.  3 handmade greeting cards.
110.  Gift basket for a “Baby Shower” to include three handmade items.
111.  Have you completed an excellent piece of work, only to find there is         no section to show it in? Please enter here!
112.  Have you started an article which is not complete.  Enter your UFO          here!
PRIZES: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00
Drawings and paintings should be framed for hanging.
113. Oil painting, any subject.
114. Acrylic painting, any subject.
115. Drawing or Sketch, any subject, in black and white.
116. Landscape painting.
117. Painting on wood, metal, or glass jar.
PRIZES: 1st $4.00, 2nd  $3.00, 3rd $2.00
Photos should be mounted and labeled on cardboard on firm backing.
118. Photography, 2 photos of farming activity.
119. Photography. 2 photos “Old Fashioned Transportation”.
120. Photography, 2 photos, “Man and Machine Working”.
121. Photography, 1 photo, “Owner and Pet Look-a-like”.
122. Photography, 2 photos, “Jack Frost”.
123. Photography, 1 print, “Water feature”.
124. Photography, 2 photos, “Past Its Prime”.

Prizes 1st $5.00   2nd$3.00   3rd $2.00 - 
1 or more older photos of past fairs.

Prizes: 1st $10.00   2nd$5.00   3rd$5.00 - 
Design, draw and/or sculpt to the theme of the fair. Have fun!

Prizes 1st $5.00   2nd$3.00   3rd $2.00 - 
2 old photos of “Horses at Work”.
PRIZES: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00
128. 1 pair of decorated candleholders.
129. Christmas theme in a jar, any size.
130. Christmas door decoration, inside or outdoor.
131. 3 Christmas tree ornaments, mounted in a box, different                         techniques.
132. Christmas sewing article, apron, placemat, runners etc.
133. Christmas bazaar item for under $15.00 made by exhibitor.
134. Christmas Gift Basket- using edible items- at least 5 items.
135. Christmas stocking, any medium.
136. Christmas centerpiece, not fabric.

         $15.00 gift certificate for the most points in classes 1-16.

        A box of yarn for the most points in classes 59- 78.

         a. $10.00 to most points in classes 118- 124.
         b. $10 to runner up in points in classes 118 - 124 
             (cannot be same person as winner of a). 
          a. $15.00 gift certificate for the most points in classes 20 – 58.
          b. $15.00 gift certificate for the most points in classes 86 – 112.
          c. $15.00 gift certificate for the most points in classes 128 – 136.
          d. All exhibitors that have entered in the leisure crafts section will               have a chance to win a $15.00 gift certificate from Len’s Mill                   Store. A random draw will be done on Sunday August 7, 2016.

        Prizes 1st -$10.00 2nd $3.00 3rd $2.00 
        A homemade article that is at least 50% blue 
        (afghan, quilt, pillow etc.)

       for the most points in Horticulture, Roots and Vegetables, 
       Leisure Arts and Crafts, Culinary Crafts and Pickles and Preserves.            Open to residents of Mapleton Township. 
       Last year’s winner is not eligible.
THEME: “An Old Tyme Fair”
PRIZES 1st $30.00   2nd $20.00   3rd  $10.00
Open to all organized groups e.g.  Institutes, churches, seniors, schools. Seven articles to be displayed, two accessories plus a backdrop and a table cover is allowed.  * Items are compulsory.

1.     *Old cookbook
2.     Old metal tea pot
3.     Wooden knitting needles
4.     Cheese dish with lid
5.     * Plate of 5 gingersnaps (covered)
6.     Old milk bottle
7.     Shoe horn
8.     Old Postcard
9.     *Embroidery  article
10.   Sadiron
11.   Old toy (doll, truck, teddy etc.)
12.   *Arrangement of Garden Flowers  
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