Drayton Fair 2019 -

6500 and 8500 local tractor rules for Friday night!

1. Each tractor may pull in a maximum of 2 classes

2. Must have hood floor boards grills, and fenders and be stock               appearing for that model, engines must be stock or manufacturers         replacement for that model with no visible modifications!

3. 2 wheel drive, no dual

4. Maximum engine RPM-10% over manufacturers high idle

5. Tractor exhaust must be pointed away from crowd.

6. No dry ice or water injection allowed.

7. Pump gas or diesel only! no pressurized fuels,or oxidizers of any kind. This includes alcohol, water, propane, nitro and oxygen

8. No weights behind the rear axles

9. 20" height drawer bar max, and 18" minimum from center of rear axle     to hitch point in length

10.Hitching point to have a hole of a min. 3.3/4 round or square. and a     max. of 1.1/2 distance from rear of hitch to point of hook contact!


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